Synopsys Tutorial

HSPICE - Ananlog SPICE Simulation

Authors: Jinsik Yun, Jeannette Djigbenou, Dr. Dong S. Ha

HSPICE is one of the strongest SPICE simulator. It is famous for its accuracy and it's a de-facto standard upon which most semiconductor companies depend.

This tutorial shows hspice simulation of a CMOS inverter. A good tutorial on spice simulation is available here.

For the rest of this document, the instructions will be based on the simulations for the TSMC 0.18um process. However, some alternate files for TSMC 0.25 um, 0.35um and HP 0.5um process will also be indicated.

Copy the following inverter netlist file and MOSFET model file into your working directory.

IBM 90 nm

Coming Soon!

IBM 0.13 um

inv_tr_013.sp for transient analysis. inv_fr_013.sp for frequency analysis.
ibm_0.13um_model for 0.13um process model.

TSMC 0.18 um
inv_tr_018.sp for transient analysis.
inv_fr_018.sp for frequency analysis.
tsmc_018um_model for 0.18um process model.

TSMC 0.25 um
inv_tr_025.sp for transient analysis.
inv_fr_025.sp for frequency analysis.
tsmc_0.25um_model for 0.25um process model.

TSMC 0.35 um
inv_tr_035.sp for transient analysis.
inv_fr_035.sp for frequency analysis.
tsmc_035um_model for 0.35 um process model.
HP 0.5 um
inv_tr_050.sp for transient analysis.
inv_fr_050.sp for frequency analysis.
hp05um_model for 0.5 um process model.

22nm Predictive Technology Model from ASU:
inv_tr_22.sp for transienct analysis.
inv_fr_22.sp for frequency analysis.
PTM_22nm_Metal_Gate_model for 22 nm process model.

Other spice models can be found on the MOSIS web page and the PTM website.

Note that the SPICE (.sp) toplevel file must contain a line, usually near the end, saying:

.option post

This case-insensitive line may specify other options in addition, such as:
.option POST NOMOD accurate

but the option POST must be specified!

CMOS Inverter Circuit

hspice inv_tr_018.sp > inv_tr_018.lis

Four files (inv_tr_018.lis, inv_tr_018.ic0, inv_tr_018.st0, inv_tr_018.tr0) are created. View inv_tr_018.lis, inv_tr_018.ic0 and inv_tr_018.st0 to examine simulation results and status.


Have fun!