Cadence Tutorial

Steps for Chip Submission

Authors:  Carrie Aust

1.  Create GDSII file for layout.

2.  Or Create CIF file for layout

3.  Find checksum for output file (GDSII or CIF)

>>gcc mosiscrc.c

          >>a.out -b <GDSII file name>

          >>a.out -t <CIF file name>

4.  Submitting the Chip....

Use the one-step submission form to submit the chip to MOSIS for fabrication.  Refer to for details.  The lambda and the technology code are specific to the process your are using.  The technology codes and lambda values are found at

If you are using the NCSU design kit, the technology code is specific to the kind of devices you are using. All the SCMOS options are given at The options available are specific to the process (see )The lambda values are given for each of the processes.