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Advancements in VLSI processing technology, circuits and systems design, testing, and packaging technologies are constantly pushing the envelope of VLSI chips. It seems that our imagination, not the technology, is the only limit on this envelope. In this sense, we, current and future engineers and scientists in the VLSI area, are fortunate to work on one of the most exciting technical areas of today and to witness marvelous advancements of society through our technical contributions.

The Virginia Tech VLSI for Wireless Communications (VTVT) Group's mission is to develop innovative VLSI designs for industry and academia, while providing a high caliber educational experience for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing careers in VLSI design. Our goal is to become a nationally renowned group in VLSI for wireless communications area in by year 2011 through quality publications and sponsored research. In fact, this goal was set in the year 2001 when the VTVT group was founded, and the VTVT group is striving toward the goal through hard work and dedication. Equally importantly, the VTVT group continues to serve the VLSI community such as through development of tutorials, library cells, and CAD tools.

The VTVT group is working with several research centers and groups on campus. It is a member group of CESCA, which is dedicated to embedded systems research. It collaborates with CIMMS in structural health monitoring and with CPES in power electronics IC design, Wireless@VT and MPRG for wireless communications. Such collaborations have broadened the scope of the VTVT group, while maintain the focus of the VTVT group's research.

Finally and most importantly, we are try to enjoy what we are doing, inside and outside the VTVT lab. We often get together for a cup of coffee, lunch, beers, or more seriously a hike along Appalachian trail. If you are passionate and energetic, I invite you to join us! We will work together, while enjoying the life. Thank you. Dong Ha

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