Directions to Virginia Tech

This page is designed to provide an overview of location of Virginia Tech as well as general directions to Blacksburg.

Where is Blacksburg? (on a US map)

Blacksburg Vicinity Map

Directions to Virginia Tech and Surrounding Hotels

You must obtain a Vistor parking pass in order to park on campus during work hours.
  1. From Ronoake airport, take I-581 N and then I-81 S (toward Bristol).
  2. Take Route 460 at exit 118B of I-81 (about 30 miles from the airport).
  3. Follow sign to Blacksburg, which goes through town Christiansburg. Don't take any exit and stay on 460 W.
  4. When it reaches Blacksburg, stay on 460 West (as shown in the map).
  5. Take "Prices-Fork Downtown" exit at 460. (It is about 8 miles from the exit of I 81.)
  6. Directions to different destinations within Blacksburg are provided below.
Click here to see the Virginia Tech Campus Map