Cadence Tutorial

Import Synthesized Design Into Cadence Virtuoso Layout View

 Author:  Jeannette Djigbenou

After running Place and Route on the synthesized design, you obtained a GDS file. You can use this GDS file to import the layout from SOC Encounter into Cadence Virtuoso Layout viewer. This will allow you to verify that the place-and-route tools have properly generated the design and that your design is DRC clean. You can verify this by:

This tutorial describes how you may import the layout from SOC Encounter into a Cadence Virtuoso Layout view. To run this tutorial, you need a GDS file, specifically TOP_COUNT.gds (from the vtvt_tsmc250_release/tutorial_files directory), exported from SOC Encounter. To learn how to get the GDS file, please refer to the appropriate instructions.

These steps describe how to import a GDS file into a Cadence Virtuoso Layout view.

    • Make a new directory cad_test

    • Setup directory cad_test to run Cadence icfb

    • Add our standard cell library vtvt_tsmc250_nolabel into the cadence run directory cad_test.

    • Copy the GDS file TOP_COUNT.gds into cad_test directory

Figure 1: StreamIn Form

Layer Map Table: This file converts the layers in the gds file into valid MOSIS layers. However, it contains extra layer numbers that are not compatible with MOSIS. For designs to be manufactured, use in the Layer Map Table option.

Figure 2: User-Defined Data

Figure 3: Options Form

Figure 4: Layout View of TOP_COUNT design

Design->Hierarchy->Descend…The layout of the standard cell selected will appear.

You have completed this tutorial. You may want to verify that this layout, generated by the Place-and-Route tools, matches the synthesized netlist. This can be verified by running LVS between the schematic of the synthesized netlist and the extracted view of this layout.